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TEDx UniversiteitvanAmsterdam

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In Search of Truth

The topic for the TEDx Universiteit van Amsterdam 2019 event is “In Search of Truth”. For centuries people have been trying to answer the question “What is the truth?” in every field of study. On top of that, each one of us is searching for their own truth in life.

It is a topic that matters to everyone and we are sure that there are many interesting stories about searching for truth out there, waiting to be told. That is why we want to continue these pursuits and invite you to do so with us. Topics may include:

Science & Innovation
Sustainability & Environment
Culture & Art
International relations & Society

About TEDx Universiteit van Amsterdam


Last year, the second edition of TEDx Universiteit van Amsterdam encompassed the theme of “Crossing Borders”. It included several subjects such as the political dilemmas the EU has been facing regarding the recent refugee crisis in Europe, a talk closely connected to the analysis of the MH-17 crash and a talk that focused on the societal factors which lead to high prevalence of mental health issues among young people. It included 7 speakers, a great number of volunteers and more than 100 attendees. 


Due to its success a third edition of TEDx Universiteit van Amsterdam will be organized in 2019 by a new team with loads of new aspirations, ideas and ambitions. 

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