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Joachim Helms

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Joachim Helms has spent his career fighting for cannabis legalization working as the head of leading cannabis dispensaries in Amsterdam and Barcelona. Joachim works for the Greenhouse organization, founders of the dispensaries synonymous for highest quality and winners of many High Times Cannabis Cup awards.

Joachim and the Greenhouse offer a new kind of transparency and openness. Setting up Strainhunters - a behind the scenes look at the business of growing and sharing the ins and outs of cannabusiness via Joachim’s popular social media accounts.
Joachim is also representing the Dutch cannabis business when debating issues of legalization with the Dutch government.


Talk Description:

In the Netherlands, the sale of cannabis is tolerated. In reality that means it’s as good as illegal: It’s against the law to grow it, test it and transport it. Only the sale of cannabis is tolerated with innumerable associated regulations.
With the Netherlands now embarking on legalization experiments, Joachim reveals his two decades worth of secretive cannabusiness and his dealings and experience in Canada and the U.S. - where in the majority of states the weed has been legalized.

What can we learn from their mistakes? What system will drive the best of cannabis culture and avoid the worst?

Natalie Dikken



Natalie Dikken is a graduated Cognitive Neuroscience student at the University of Amsterdam. While she says to be fond of the human brain, throughout her studying years she has come to be an advocate of nutrition and health, wishing to spread word in particular about the gut.

It was the result of her inquisitiveness facing personal health hiccups that made her discover the importance of the gut-brain interaction. Our everyday lifestyle and the things we eat have a great impact on how our brains function. Natalie wishes to create awareness for this topic, which she considers should be openly laid out on the table not only because of its possible everyday impact on our feelings and behavior, but also since it holds the potential to be a great preventive and therapeutic solution to many mental health disorders.


Talk description

Every person on this planet has at least once in their lifetime had a ‘gut feeling’ about something. Most of us, though, have not once questioned the extent to which this expression is true.

Natalie Dikken will take us on a ride from our brain to our gut, revealing the strong interaction that lies between them in order to explain the influence of our gut on our everyday feelings and behaviors, and what we can do to take control of this.

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