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Josephat Torner

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Josephat Torner is a human rights activist with albinism, who has dedicated his life to raising awareness and acceptance towards people with albinism in his home country of Tanzania and other sub-Saharan African countries. People with albinism in Tanzania and other 27 sub-Saharan African countries are at constant risk of persecution and murder by those in their countries, who believe that their body parts should be sold to witchdoctors in order to bring wealth. Josephat


Torner raises awareness in albinism worldwide and teaches the people with albinism what they can achieve, empowering them to get an education, raise families, start businesses, and live like everybody else. He has set up UN demonstrations and his efforts have resulted in children with albinism being enrolled in schools, as well as an educational community center and funds to provide material aid.


Talk description:

Josephat Torner speaks out and speaks up. He says that together we can break the deadly silence for people with albinism. When your countrie's old superstitions lead to murder, threatening your rights and existence, what would you do? Sharing his personal experiences of growing up in remote parts of Tanzania, Josephat Torner discusses the dangers of being surrounded with witchcraft and superstitions and why having the courage to speak out is so important. What is his counter-intuitive approach to change and why risk it?

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