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Joop Hazenberg



Joop Hazenberg is a writer and an EU expert. He has worked for over a decade on European integration and is based in Brussels since 2013. He is currently employed by the GSMA, the global trade body of mobile network operators, as EU External Affairs Director.


After a career in the governmental circles in The Netherlands, Joop became a freelancer, developing projects on major shifts in society. Since 2009 he published five books and one documentary, gave dozens of keynote speeches at international conferences, had many media appearances (including BBC World) and founded a think-tank in the Netherlands.


Talk description:

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is dawning. A wave of technology breakthroughs will alter our economies and society drastically, resulting in hyper connectivity, far-reaching automation and new forms of intelligence.


The dark side of this age of technological upheaval is already becoming visible: a further blurring of the distinction between reality and fiction. In his contribution to this TEDx event, author Joop Hazenberg will present whether technology can distort our vision on the world, on democracy and on what it means to be human.

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