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Ferry Zandvliet

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I, Ferry Zandvliet, am concerned. Concerned that we are increasingly losing our connection with each other. Kids are playing outside less, teenagers are addicted to their smartphones, and we are working remotely or in a hybrid manner more often. While we desperately need human interactions to be truly happy and to feel connected with our colleagues and the companies we work for. Feeling connected creates an environment where you can truly be yourself. I am convinced that you can express something of yourself, show a piece of humanity, in everything you do in life. Whether you're a garbage man or a lawyer. Showing your true self and daring to be vulnerable is indeed the way to connect with the world. You invite others to do the same in this way.
Why am I so passionate about this? After surviving the Bataclan attack, I found myself lost in a maze of caregivers, questionnaires, and protocols. Do you think that really helped me? Partly, a little of course, but the most fruitful help came from people who did not hesitate to show their human side when I desperately needed it. A doctor who gave me her cell phone, a police officer who hugged me when I was struggling.
Listen to my story about the human touch.
Ferry Zandvliet Professional Hugger

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