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Camiel Jansen

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Camiel Jansen is an experienced composer who writes music for orchestras, festivals and films. As a composer, he is always looking for a connection with current affairs. For instance, he produced a piece for 5 woodwinds and a sampler called “Het Toeslagenschandaal” and he wrote a film symphony for orchestra with a mouse in the lead role. Camiel is also active at the Amsterdam Conservatory as a teacher of entrepreneurship for classical music. He is deeply interested in studying and elaborating everything that has anything to do with art and creativity. In his talk, he aims at shifting our view on what creativity actually is, as well as the sometimes underestimated importance it has in today's world. Camiel's objective is to inspire us on how to develop our own creative language. Having experience if the world of art he thinks that everybody has the potential to be a creative thinker, as long as we re-envision the process behind getting to great ideas.

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