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Maxime Lubbers

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Maxime Lubbers is an experienced technology strategy consultant, women empowerment foundation board member, speaker, and former professional rower. She comes from an entrepreneurial family and is very social, driven, and hard-working. Connecting business and technology excites her as it enables her to combine her knowledge of and passion for technology to make a societal impact. While working for one of the world’s most renowned technology consulting firms, Accenture, she was part of the Global Technology Innovation Team in which she gained experience with future technologies, such as Blockchain, Quantum Computing, and Artificial Intelligence in various industries. Besides her work, she executed a multi-year qualitative study to understand the implications of Blockchain technology for businesses. Her refreshing perspective on technology has earned her opportunities to speak on various stages, ranging from impact investment funds to multiple universities and businesses. In her free time, Maxime enjoys boxing, running, hiking, traveling, and reading. 

Description Speech 

The pace of technology innovation is continuing to increase with a significant impact on our society. Today’s leaders are not sufficiently taking potential long-term and negative side-effects of new technology into account, which could have disastrous consequences on a personal and societal level. Consider the narrowing impact cookies have on our perspectives, or the impact of screen-time on the ability to focus when leaders need to make important decisions for the future. Future leaders should take responsibility to collectively ensure that technology innovation is used in a way that is beneficial for our planet and society. But how? By raising awareness on this topic Maxime Lubbers provides another perspective on FoMO and a practical model for future leaders to enable them to adopt a more responsible view on new technology. Based on her work and research experience in the future tech industry, she shares personal lessons and provides an inspiring view on how we can re-envision our future through a lens of responsible technology. 

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