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Roos van Dalen

Roos van Dalen.jpg

Roos van Dalen is an expert on Diversity & Inclusion, especially focused on gender. She conducted research on the ways Dutch top women make sense of gender inequality at the top of organizations, speaking with relevant female leaders from multiple corporates in The Netherlands. Her goal is to build bridges together with both women and men regarding (gender) diversity and inclusion. Roos has written multiple articles for newspapers and monthly columns, while also speaking at events, and giving workshops. Through her research, she found that there has been written a lot about the shortage of women at the top, but not so much from the point of view of those who already made it there. In her speech, she will deep dive into what these success stories actually do and experience what happens at the top, if they even think there is a problem. She hence chose the point of view of top women themselves as the starting point, in combination with scientific research

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