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Rufaro Hoto


Rufaro (21) is an innovative individual who believes in bridging the gap between people and technology. He is a passionate people person and has a strong belief that at the centre of any product should be the human context. For this reason he wants to write, speak and influence movements to do with high tech, human touch. He wants to be known for inspiring talks about how technology can be fully inclusive of the human context. By writing and speaking and influencing digital technology startups. By influence he means participating in businesses and ensuring products are truly including the human context. Rufaro is for the people and by the people. He is a Co-Founder of HR tech startup, GConnection, which aims to connect young professionals to in demand job opportunities, additionally he is also a Co-Founder of Atlas Events a community based organization that focuses on creating social value through different event concepts. Rufaro is currently a bachelor of psychology student who just finished a 1.5 year honors program in Processes of change at the University of Twente.

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