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6th of November

Ready to Reset

The topic for the TEDx Universiteit van Amsterdam 2020 event is “Ready to Reset”. We are living in a pandemic world, the coronavirus has hit us hard. This virus cause the world to slow down and brought life to a stop. It is challenging our values and letting us think about or viewpoints on which values should prevail in society. Are we going back to normal or does the world needs some more resetting?

Ready to bring in hope, joy, ideas and solutions to benefit society. Ready to Reset is our way of delivering an applicable and multidisciplinary guideline of dealing with the resetting of values. We would like to invite you to do so with us. Topics may include:


Would you like to be a sponsor? 

We are looking to collaborate with firms and organizations that would like to be involved with a diverse audience  from people directly linked to the University of Amsterdam to local non-academic spectators. 

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About TEDx Universiteit van Amsterdam


Last year, the third edition of TEDx Universiteit van Amsterdam encompassed the theme of “In search of truth”. The event was hosted at Pakhuis de zwijger and grew from 7 to 9 speakers. This years edition will be at Casa Hotel Amsterdam and will be taking the form of a livestream event. Due to government restrictions we are no longer able to have a physical audience but we are excited to invite you on our livestream!


The circumstances are challenging but we are very excited to reach a big audience for our speakers and hope to see you online on the 6th of November!

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